Working with Cassie


Individualized coaching sessions to work on specific problem areas in your career. I help my clients become aware of their natural talents and motivations so they can produce better results and have more fun doing it. I also specialize in helping my clients get a very detailed picture of their career roadmap and tangible steps to get them moving in that direction.



Before working with Cassie I felt misaligned, dissatisfied, and struggling to find a path forward in my job. After our time together, I felt accomplished by identifying my strengths, values, and passions and beginning to align my actions with them. Through working with Cassie, I have attained greater self-awareness, felt a positive shift in my attitude and actions, found motivation to make changes, and gained clarity and inspiration by creating my personal mission statement to guide me. Also, as a result of working with her, new possibilities have opened up including a rotation to another division in my company that has potential to align better with my strengths and open many new possibilities and growth opportunities within six months. Most importantly, I know where I want to go and she helped me create a plan on how to get there!

I would absolutely recommend Cassie because of the results, self-awareness, and positive changes I have experienced by taking her course. Her expertise creating and delivering high quality and relevant course content and providing insightful coaching sessions has motivated and inspired me to achieve what I desire.

-Kurtis H. Regulatory Affairs Expert Boston Scientific


Before working with Cassie I felt lost and uncertain how I would bring my true essence and values into my business, but after our time together, I felt supported, experienced the ability to open up receiving help during a difficult time, and as a result, my knowledge of what I stand for has strengthened, I know how to approach my business in an authentic way to who I am and I feel more confident in my life as a result of our work together.

I would absolutely recommend Cassie because she has the experience, knowledge, tools, and most importantly the heart. Cassie listens and she has always been there with exactly the right words of comfort or the tool that helps in that moment.

-Aleah R. Registered Nurse and DoTERRA Consultant


Before working with Cassie, I knew that I was unhappy with my current position, but didn’t understand why. She helped to identify my strengths and values, and pin point where I was not feeling fulfilled. She also gave me strategies and techniques to try to improve my current job, while I search for my dream position. She also helped me build confidence in my strengths and abilities and get clear about what I want from a job.

Hilary K. Associate Director

Just having one leadership coaching session with Cassie allowed my perspective to shift for the better. Cassie is a great coach for the millennials and executives. I felt like I had a lot of clarity on where to go next in my life.

Ethan R. Project Manager and MBA Candidate at Wharton

I knew that I wanted to start a coaching practice for quite awhile but after having one conversation with Cassie I was able to clearly articulate that I really wanted to work with high-impact change leaders in my generation. The clarity unlocked insights that have allowed me to move forward in my business and know my next steps.

-Vik K. Dispute Resolution Attorney Advisor and Coach, FEMA

Contagious Connections Networking Event


A tailored networking event designed specifically to help ease conversation and develop deeper understanding and trust between individuals.  It is ideal for introverts to take the awkwardness out of of first meeting an individual. For groups that already know each other specific team building elements are utilized to help enrich team building, trust, and engagement.

SandyI attended a Contagious Connections Networking Event and really enjoyed it. There were about 25 people there and I knew only 2 of them. I am not usually comfortable in large groups where I don’t know most of the people. However, as we interacted with the creative activities and games, we were able to get to know each other better and connect. Cassie has a strong desire to help people connect and communicate and her events will be great for team-building!

-Sandy C. Business Analyst Cargill

LukeThe Contagious Connections Networking Event was a great way to break barriers and learn to start engaging others in a way that embraces their individuality.  It’s too easy to get stuck in the normal pattern of small talk and meaningless conversation.  Contagious Connections helps break that pattern.

-Luke Y. Reporting and Metrics Manager 3M

Jamie1The Contagious Connections Networking event connects people seamlessly and did so in an environment that spurred spontaneous, authentic conversations with no pressure at all. I walked away saying I enjoyed myself and took away things from the event I can use in my work and everyday life.

-Jamie C. Store Internal Auditor Target

Contagious Connections Communications Training


This interactive session is designed to help participants gain confidence with their public speaking abilities.  The session includes topics such as increasing eye contact, using posture and gestures appropriately, reducing filler words, and handling questions with ease.

BrikkenAs a result of attending the Communications Contagious Connections training I focus more on how I carry myself, how I pose when speaking, what my stance means, and how I want to come across to others through my body language. I’ve also been getting progressively better at making eye contact evenly when presenting. Contagious Connections services definitely helped me with my university presentation. I got lots of compliments on how calmly and professionally I delivered my information.

-Brikken J. Student Saint Cloud State University

3 Keys to Discovering Your Authentic Self


A 6 week course designed to help you get more clear about who you are, what you want to bring into this world, and next steps to move forward. Even better, this program will help you identify unconscious habits, thoughts, and behaviors that sabotage the results that you are looking to achieve in your life.

NickieI would  recommend this course to anyone who is not completely satisfied with their job or life. It can help anyone by figuring out your true self and passions, especially if you are not in tune with your feelings. This course helps you to look deeper into yourself and if there is something you want to fix or change this course can help with that. As a result of this course I feel more confident and happier about who I am.

-Nickie M. Chanhassen, MN

MontanaI feel like this course taught me not just more about myself, but how to constantly improve my life and work. I really liked the values and strengths discussion as well as the lessons on self-sabotage.  I was originally worried that I knew all of this already but was happily surprised that I still learned a lot. As a result of taking this course I am more aware of my values and how to ensure that they are applied to my everyday life.

-Montana L., Business Relationship Manager, Cargill

ErinI felt that the insight I got on my authentic self was epic! I really liked when we were talking about how to use your strengths and values to better your daily life. I am able to recognize behaviors and stop them, or play to them depending on my strengths. This course is ideal for anyone who is having a hard time and feels lost because it really helps you to re-center yourself.

-Erin C. Food Network Star Season 12 & GM Nadia’s Cakes Woodbury