I work with Individuals

Do you consider yourself:
Smart, successful, socially responsible, and results driven but still aren’t completely satisfied with your career?

I help you redesign your career without leaving it so that you can:

    • Gain more focus and clarity about what you really want
    • Develop confidence and competence in your skills and abilities
    • Become purpose driven in your everyday interactions
    • Create the flexibility that you desire
    • Revolutionize your compensation plan

I work with Organizations

Did you know?

By 2025 Millennials will make up 75% of the Global workforce. Millennial women will make up 50% of that percentage. The #1 reason Millennial Women are leaving organizations is because there is not enough opportunity.  They are not leaving for more pay, personal development, or work life balance. They are leaving because they don’t see THEIR opportunity in YOUR organization.

I work with companies to create new opportunities that benefit both the company and individual. I work directly with Millennial Women and Organizations to get clear on what the needs are, how to support those needs, and create a sustainable solution that ensures a successful company outcome.

Millennials are more inclined to become a consultant or work for an emerging market then stay with a company lacking THEIR opportunity. Let’s start the conversation on creating opportunity before it becomes an imminent need.

About Me

Cassie Breeggemann


Career Clarity Coach and President of Contagious Connections

Cassie Breeggemann has a passion to help High Performing Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs unleash their Power Potential and Purpose by stopping the pitfalls of rejection and embracing their authentic selves.

Cassie has an M.A in Human Resources and Change Leadership and a B.A. in Psychology. Cassie specializes in adult learning principles and transformation for maximum impact. Cassie has been instrumental in designing and developing Leadership Development Programs and Internship Programs at Cargill and has developed a specialized Leadership Curriculum featured at Loras College concentrating on developing first time managers in small businesses and non-profits.


Specific Products and Services Offered:

  • Facilitate Groups and Teams
  • Coach Individuals
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Creating a Career and Stakeholder Roadmap for Attaining Business Results Workshop
  • Redesign Your Career without Leaving it Workshop
  • 3 Keys to Discovering Your Authentic Self Workshop
  • Using Your Values to Become Crystal Clear Workshop
  • Utilizing your Strengths For Ultimate Satisfaction and Success Workshop
  • Letting Go of Fear from Speaking Workshop