How to discover your unique genius…

For this month I am highlighting using StrengthsFinder to discover your unique genius. Did you know that the chances of someone else having the exact same StrengthsFinder results as you is 1 in 33 million? What that means is that you have unique gifts that only you can bring out into the world and I want to help you discover how.

I believe I have the ability to help you because I have gotten a lot of clarity on how my unique passions, talents, and strengths have all shaped the way I create service for my clients and the world.

I find that a lot of multi-passionate motivated business professionals and entrepreneurs know that they have something great inside of them but have a hard time expressing it so that it can become a tangible service in the outside world.

If you are reading this and feel like, “wow that’s me”, then I have some great news for you. It is my goal to help you create some traction in this area.

Let me just preface this activity that I am introducing as a good start. It has taken me years to craft this and lots of additional training and coaching to really fine tune what I am about to share with you. I want to give you a something to start with but if you feel like it isn’t coming together as clearly or easily as you would like than I will say that’s normal.

If you start to make a commitment to figure it out and are willing to invest time, energy, and resources into figuring this out it will all start to come together. If you would like special help you can reach out to me and request a complimentary 15 minute assessment where I can help you gain some clarity.

Click here if you know that is what your next step will be.

For the DIY stylers below is the template to start putting together your vision of how your strengths align to the service you provide and the impact you are committed to make in the world.


I have developed this model to help me become more authentic and purposeful in my life. For this month our focus will be service. Below is an activity that will help you gain clarity on how you are uniquely gifted to bring help to others.


What is your unique service element?

  • Check out how I use my strengths to create the vision for the impact I am creating in the world.
  • There is a slide for you to create your own version
  • If you would like assistance or don’t know your Top 5 Strengths but would like to gain clarity on how to use them more fully, reach out to for more info.

Next week I will be sharing an example of how to get clear on your mission statement and the power it has to help visionary leaders create the impact they are seeking in the world.


There is a new way to network. I am calling the event the Networking Revolution. Each event will have a different focus. At February’s meeting:

Learn How To Position Yourself as Credible and Resourceful so people will value and respect who you are and what you have to offer

Be sure to REGISTER for Monday, February 20th!

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How to really make 2017 a success

When January rolls around we usually start to reflect on the goals and life that we want for ourselves. Whether it is a healthier lifestyle, more success, or better relationships we usually feel that if we can just do better and get that one thing we are pining after we will finally find fulfillment.

What if I told you that while it’s great to always have a personal growth mindset; the idea that if you achieve this or acquire that to become satisfied, you will always have disappointment?

I think that many of us are tied to an accomplishment=fulfillment mindset.

I know that I have been conditioned to think that when I perform I am valuable and when I fail I am a failure and therefore worthless.

Have you ever had these same thoughts?

Do you want to know the number one secret for happiness and fulfillment in your life?

It’s Unconditional Love for yourself and others

For 2017 I am wishing for you to accept yourself just as you are and strive to always learn and grow but know that there isn’t anything that you need to do or be to be worthy.

My wish for you is that you stop trying to make other people happy and really tap into what makes you happy and fulfilled.

My wish for you is to gain the courage to step into something that terrifies you a little bit but becomes one of the greatest experiences that you have ever had.

My wish for you is that you become so comfortable with yourself that you become even more bright and bubbly and amazing than you already are.

My wish for you is that you not only transform your life but you become a catalyst for change in the lives of others.

You are a leader. I know that you have unique gifts that are meant to be used and seen and I would love for more of you to come out in 2017.


I have developed this model to help me become more authentic and purposeful in my life. I think Self-love is the most important and yet sometimes hardest principles to implement. Below is an exercise that is intended to help you be more compassionate to yourself and celebrate your accomplishments.



  • List all of the accomplishments that you had in 2016
    • Take a look at that list and realize that what you created is no small feat
  • What would you like to to celebrate and appreciate regarding the list?
    • Imagine for a moment that you were handed this list and told that your son/daughter had accomplished those things. How would you feel? Would you be proud? How would you celebrate and appreciate them?
    • Notice if there was more love and appreciation when you thought of your accomplishments from another perspective? What differences can you pick up on as to how you appreciate yourself vs. if it were someone else?
    • What comes up for you? Do you think there is a reason you are always striving to do well? Is there a hidden meaning that if you perform you are worthy?
  • How can you begin to appreciate yourself for who you are not what you do?

Take some time with this. There is no right or wrong in any of the pieces just begin to notice what comes up. Awareness is the first step to creating positive change. Give yourself a lot of extra love and compassion this month. Are there special things you can do to relax and enjoy yourself more? How can you feel good by just showing up and not having to perform?

I would love to hear if you had any breakthroughs with this exercise or how you give yourself more unconditional love on a regular basis. Share these great insights in the Facebook group. You will also receive daily motivation and an opportunity to get your questions answered.

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My First Experience with Rejection

I had a traumatic experience when I was in 1st grade.

I had just moved and when I went out to the playground for the first time all of the other kids were playing together while I was left out.

I still remember crying outside of the elementary school.

The very next day my teacher created a buddy system that ensured everyone was paired up with someone. With the chart introduced I headed to the playground with confidence, I didn’t even need to play with my assigned buddy I had made other friends.

I think the gentle nudge created by my teacher helped me to feel comfortable.  I realize that I am inspired to create similar nudges for others. After all, I believe everyone has the ability to connect; it’s just sometimes hard breaking through the initial barriers.

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My Struggle in my Career

14339237124_7b2543b14f_zIn 2010 I had the promotion of a lifetime. I had moved up 4 levels in my corporate career at Cargill. From the outside world I had everything you could ever dream of; great career, a loving fiancé, great friends and family. However, I was aching inside. I was depressed, I was isolated, I was numb. I would go home at night and cry myself to sleep because I felt so alone, so lost, so sad.

I wanted to appear perfect from the outside but I was struggling in my career and life. I was looking for something that could give me motivation and inspiration. I was desperate. I went on a journey to find myself and I was able to transform my career into a successful and impactful one. I am inspired to share my key learnings with as many people as possible.

I realized there wasn’t a formalized structure to help other Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs who have experienced this same feeling of isolation, loneliness, and rejection so I have decided to create one.

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How Social Media is Causing Suicide


I love Simon Sinek. He has an amazing Ted Talk and book called “Start with Why.” When I read it I gained a lot of motivation for the company that I have created.

I just recently came across an interview where he talks about Millennials in the Workplace and the struggles they are facing. My jaw dropped when I realized he was talking about everything that I have been working on creating solutions for.

Simon’s Interview

He talks about Millennials wanting purpose and impact. I have been saying that I want to help you find your purpose and create your impact in an authentic way.

He talks about the problems with technology creating an addiction, numbing behavior and unfortunately in some cases causing severe depression that turns into suicide. I have a talk that I present called “Stop Hustling for your Worth” that gives some valuable tips on handling your emotions in a healthy way.

Finally, he talks about meaningful connection and how they don’t just happen over night and technology is creating the barrier for people’s relationships. Again, that is what this Networking Revolution is all about.

If you resonate even one iota with video I HIGHLY encourage you to come check out one of the upcoming Networking Revolution Events. It’s more than just networking it’s your key to HAPPINESS.

I am especially passionate about the part of Simon’s interview where he talks about depression and suicide. I have been depressed a few times in my life and I have experienced severe bouts of sadness, loneliness, and isolation.

I understand the pain and that’s why I am so passionate about teaching people some of the coping mechanisms that I have learned that can help combat those feelings.

I would love to support you wherever you are on your journey.

It would be so great to see your beautiful shiny face next week.

Register Today!

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Have you given thought to how you will build your platform?

I wanted to check in with you and see how your week was going?

I know that by being on this list you are a powerful person who has achieved a lot of success, but you dream of more.

You want to create more fulfillment, more impact, and more greatness.

I’d like to let you in on a little secret… You can’t do it alone.

I know you may want to try to build this massive platform all by yourself but it’s absolutely impossible.

Do you want to learn how to get people behind your ideas faster and more powerfully?

  • Pay attention to how they fit into your idea.

  • Help them see the connection.

  • Inspire them into action.

I know that you have what it takes to be an amazing leader.

You already are very successful and brilliant.

What I want to do is help you stop feeling like you have to do it alone and help you relax into receiving.

I also know that many people avoid meeting new people at networking events because they can feel very transactional, fake, and scripted.

What if you were able to connect with other motivated, positive, successful business professionals and entrepreneurs who are inspired to change the world?

The upcoming workshops are geared to put us all together and create amazing relationships that are meaningful, genuine and impactful.

I would love for you to be part of the Networking Revolution. I am dedicated to helping you find your purpose and create your impact in an authentic way.

If this sounds interesting to you be sure to register today!

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Take the pain out of networking… Join the Revolution

I wanted to let you in on some of the exciting new development with Contagious Connections. Using my own methodology of utilizing your strengths and let others utilize theirs, I am creating an exciting new platform that gives High Performing Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs access to Executive Facilitators and Coaches at affordable prices.

We are starting with some fun interactive networking workshops that focus on allowing you to create meaningful connections. At these workshops you will learn how to:

  • Boost your Confidence and Comfort in Networking Situations

  • Create Genuine and Meaningful Interactions with Others

  • Feel Skilled in your Ability to Know Exactly What to Say During a Networking Event

It will also provide some of the details of the new monthly networking and leadership meetings that are dedicated to help you find your purpose and create your impact in an authentic way.

The biggest and best part about it is that I am tapping into my Cargill network of Executive Coaches and Facilitators to support the process.

There is also a specialized leadership track geared specifically for people who are looking to build facilitation and coaching skills.

If this sounds interesting to you be sure to register today!

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What to do when you have so many options…

It’s December already! Can you even believe it? I seriously don’t know where 2016 went.

I have a confession…I had huge ambitions of sending you my FREE gift that I have been working on to help you create a successful impactful career. It is coming I promise. But as I was going through the last few weeks I have been realizing that I have been doing WAY too much.

I have a feeling you feel the same way. See the thing is, when you are a talented multi-passionate person it becomes really hard to just pick one area of focus when you are naturally good at so many things. Especially when you can pretty much do anything you want to and still be successful.

I have always known that I have a problem focusing. It’s not like I do it on purpose, but I like to try my hand at multiple projects and stay busy. What I haven’t realized, up until now, is the cost it has had on my life. Every time I decide to take on a new project I have to build up momentum and energy to get it started and I usually am on to the next thing just before the original project is able to build up enough inertia to keep going on its own.


You matter. Your Ideas Matter. You have skills talents and insights that will completely change the world.

If you really start to harness the 1-3 things that you can do really well it will start to catapult your career and your success.

I know it seems challenging to narrow your focus when there is so much possibility but you have to start laying down a foundation to ensure that the house actually gets built.


I have developed this model to help me become more authentic and purposeful in my life and career. I now use it to help my clients get the same results.

When I created this model I wrote a post about Focus and couldn’t even narrow it down to 1 area. This is clearly the hardest principle for me to follow but I know it’s important. In fact, it’s so important that I recently enrolled myself in a program to get support in this area because I know it’s not my strength.


Below is an exercise that will help you gain clarity on where you should be focusing your energy.

Answer the following:

  • List all of the activities that you currently have in your life (personal and professional)
  • Create an inventory of each of the activities and ask yourself “Is this critical to be working on right now?” (Yes or No)
  • From the items you labeled Yes, if you were only able to pick 3, what would they be?

Do any insights come to you by just asking yourself a few of these questions?

I know that you are capable of amazing things.

I’ll bet you can run circles around most people.

That is great, but imagine if you were able to harness all of your ambition, smarts, and passion into 1-3 things instead of 8-20.

Could you imagine the impact you would create?

As you start this month and get into the new year I want you to continue to ask yourself. Does this serve me right now? What are the top 3 initiatives that I am aiming towards and does this new activity support that?

To your new found focus for the month of December. If you would like real time support in this or additional areas, be sure to join the Facebook Group. I just started a segment called Question Query. Each Monday the community has an opportunity to ask a question related to work, relationships, motivations, etc.

I would love for you to become an active member of this amazing community. Check it out!

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How do you know what you are called to do?

I know that if you are reading this  you are already pretty successful.

I also know that you have aspirations for BIG things.

What are you ready to commit to?

Do you feel like you have been able to create the impact you know you are called to make?

Are you noticing that you aren’t quite sure EXACTLY what you have to offer?

If you have been feeling this way for awhile and know you have people to serve and big things to do. I HIGHLY recommend dedicating 2 hours on Monday to start that process.

I have already shared my background in the previous 2 emails. This time I want to share my entrepreneurial passion. It all started 6 years ago when I created a dating company. A few years later, I began selling Rodan + Fields skin care. Both times I thought I had found my calling and I was SOOO excited to make my mark.

It wasn’t until 2015 that I finally took time to find my Unique Genius and I have finally felt that thing that gives me passion, excitement, and motivation.

I have found that I am really good at helping people tap into their natural talents and abilities and dream bigger lives for themselves.

I help them uncover the 3 blocks that stop them from being successful and help them transform them.

The other thing that is unique about me compared to most, is that I help you get clarity on what you do with your career but not only in the corporate setting.

I can help you stay at your current company and redesign your career to LOVE IT.

I can help you find a new job but treat going into it like a marriage so you can be sure you are going to LOVE IT and not want to find something new right away.

I can help you finally create the business you always dreamed of. To be doing your own thing and LOVING IT. Either as a side hustle or full time gig.

I help you get really clear of which path you want so you can become a magnet to the success you desire.

Today, I wake up knowing that I am doing work I am made to do.
Here’s what one client said about my work: Before working with Cassie I felt lost and uncertain how I would bring my true essence and values into my business, but after our time together, I felt supported, experienced the ability to open up receiving help during a difficult time, and as a result, my knowledge of what I stand for has strengthened, I know how to approach my business in an authentic way to who I am and I feel more confident in my life as a result of our work together.
Many of my other clients have gotten similar results you can check them out here.

If that seems too good to be true double check my LinkedIn Profile

I’m really passionate about sharing my work with more people, so I’m excited to share the workshop that I am running Monday, November 14th.

Monday, November 14th
6:30-8:30 PM

If you know that it’s time for you to do something to live the life you are called to live be sure to register to start your amazing career transformation. I want you to have the successful fulfilling and impactful career you have always dreamed of. Be sure to REGISTER NOW

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What’s Your Favorite Thing…

Do you have favorite things? Mine is anything FREE. But the BEST is when you get something really VALUABLE that is FREE. I believe when that happens it’s even better than all of Oprah’s favorite things.

It’s really hard to share this but I have been putting off sending this email for month’s. There was something getting in my way and I think it was my shame around wanting to shine. I have been seeing my inability to be visible a HUGE detriment to me being able to reach people that need my services.

A few month’s ago I heard a talk that helped me shift this perspective. By not sharing my gifts, it was like I was going to a party with a present and never giving it to the host. Can you imagine doing that? Doesn’t that seem selfish? I realized that I need to share my gifts because people need them.

Maybe you are feeling like you need some of my gifts? I have been having a lot of conversations and I know that a lot of you are struggling to find clarity on where to go next. Some of you might know what you are supposed to do but are struggling to feel confident in doing it, and others of you find yourself with a million ideas and a procrastination problem.

If you are in any of these 3 categories the truth is my gift can help. I would love to offer support and advice on how to stop the pain.

I have developed a lot insight and tools and strategies that help you get crystal clear on where you want to go in your life. I can help a struggling corporate professional, a stay at home mom, or even an entrepreneur. What I do is I help you get really clear about who you are and where you want to go. I help you feel aligned, confident, and become successful. But most importantly I help you feel authentic and empowered.


1. Access to a Kick A** Community.

I stopped hiding this past month and grew the community from 25 members to over 85. I know it will continue to get larger and more powerful. The best part is I offer FREE advice, tips, and motivation.

There are powerful exercises that help you shift your thinking so you can finally feel comfortable shining bright so you can experience amazing confidence to play the biggest game of your life.


2. Complimentary Career Alignment Session.

Because of my limited availability I can only offer this to the first 7 who respond. This offer is going out to over 200 people so if you want it act NOW.


I love working with individuals to help them see their amazing gifts and gain confidence and clarity in their careers and life. I have personally felt the struggle when I received my first big promotion at Cargill over 6 years ago. I remember feeling like a glorified admin and hating my job. That is why I am so passionate to help other working professionals who feel the same pain and struggle.

I could talk on and on about my experience and why I am so passionate but I wanted to share a recent client testimonial that completely warms my heart.


“Before working with Cassie I felt misaligned, dissatisfied, and stuck in my current job and in life. After starting to work with Cassie, I immediately felt excitement when identifying my strengths and passions and starting to align my actions with them. I have found new inspiration to shift my thinking, make changes and begin creating the alignment I’ve been seeking. Most importantly, I have felt a significant positive shift in my attitude and greater self-awareness. Also, within a few weeks of working with Cassie I was transferred to another division in my company that better aligns with my strengths.”

-Kurtis H. Boston Scientific


If you have been feeling like you really need to do something about your situation but have not been sure what to do, you might have even gotten to the point where all you were able to do was pray about it then I suggest considering that this could be your sign. God moves through people and action. That’s part of the free will he instills in us. It’s your choice. What do you have to lose? It’s totally FREE!

I would love to support you to become even more successful, amazing, and impactful. I want to see you shine bright. Your gifts were made to be discovered and used.

Have an awesome rest of your week.

Here is to shining bright!

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